Soo is it weird reading all those ask from girls talking about wanting to put your dick in their mouth or does it boost your ego?

I don’t have an ego bro
Leggo my eggo

You're probably not gonna see this or read this, but here goes nothin. You saved my life. I was depressed as hell when I discovered your vine, and you became the only thing that made me smile. Your love for life slowly helped me get better. You are such an amazing person it's unbelievable. Thank you for saving me ronnie. Love you papi✖️

You’re fucking awesone

apart from the fact that you are the most good looking person i've ever seen, the #1 thing I like about you is how humble you are. don't ever change that. whether fame changed you or not is not my place to say, but it's a quality that a lot of people lack & I think that's a little sad. everything about you is beautiful and I pray that one day I get to see you in person! i hope you see this, much love💞💞 have an incredible day!☺️😘

THANKYOU so much you’ve made my night

Haha I remember when you posted that link to your first youtube video on fb. Funny as hell. You deserve everything you're getting

THANKYOU so much

ronnie, your work inspires me in my every day life the succeed to the best of my ability. your videos are so flatteringly fluorescent to your beautiful dark honey skin. i succumb to my pleasurable thoughts while watching your videos. i absolutely cannot get enough of your delicious, deep, musky voice. do not even get me started in how you react to situations you become ominous of. i am going to work consequently hard to attend one of your super vines in the near future. all my love <3

Are you a professor

It's amazing to see a person not change once fame has hit them, you are amazing Ronnie, keep making us all smile, we love you.

I love you.

fuck me


i want you to fuck me papi, pull my hair and make me cry, then smother me with kisses after. Ronnie you fucking slay and you need to be the father of my children x

I slay?
That sounds outrageous !

I want to suck your dick while you smoke a joint